Thursday, August 21, 2008

Library Party

Here's an invite I illustrated for a company holiday party.


B Beach said...

I LOVE your stuff! Great work!

Peter said...

Hi my name is Peter Tucker, I'm a student at the art institute of fort lauderdale. I really like your work and your style. Just wondering how long you've been doing your stuff and perhaps where did you go to school? Got any tips for us small fry animators? :)

btw! I hope Lobo and Risley get made into a show!

Gibbs Rainock said...

Just went to school at BYU and studied animation. I was just lucky enough to get a job at an add agency, where I was able to hone my skills. I'm still honing by the way. From there I just applied to EA games in Salt Lake. Just in the right place at the right time.